Training Contracts: Reading, Writing and Negotiating

Course Description

Contracts are an essential element in any successful business or organisation. This highly interactive course will increase your understanding of contracts and your ability to use contracts to protect your organisation. Whether you are in purchasing, contract management, subcontracts, project management, general management or sales, you are constantly involved with contracts.

Negotiating contracts can be difficult without the proper knowledge and this course will explain the latest cutting edge techniques required in order for you to consider and negotiate contracts with confidence. There will be particular focus on using the latest best practice.

Course Objective

  • Explain the main principles of contract techniques
  • Illustrate the main terms and conditions of a contract and how to use them effectively
  • Point out how contract clauses can be used to mitigate risk
  • Develop ability to draft, negotiate and amend contracts
  • Extend knowledge of the most effective and commercial ways to resolve disputes

Who Should attend?

  • Contract Professionals
  • Project Engineers and Project Professionals, including Project Managers
  • Claims Personnel, including legal advisers
  • Business Audit Officers
  • Contract Strategists
  • Commercial Professionals
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Purchasing Officers & Personnel
  • Buyers
  • Supply Professionals

Course Outline

How and why contracts are drafted?

  • The key elements of a contract
  • Oral or written contract?
  • Electronic contracts – the rise of popularity
  • Terms and Conditions of contract
  • Agency issues – the dangers
  • The structure of a contract
  • Incorporating documents by reference – why do we do this?
  • Standard Forms – International and Company – the risks
  • Form of Agreement – what is it?
  • Precedence of documents – Special Conditions

Main Contract Clauses

  • Obligation to deliver/perform
  • Rework/re-performance
  • Risk of Damage
  • Title – why it is important
  • Compliance with law/change of law
  • Indemnities – knock for knock
  • Insurance – the risks
  • Third parties – why they are important
  • Liability in negligence – relationship with contract

Main Contract Clauses – continued

  • How to deal with variations and changes and protect your organisation
  • Defective goods and work – how to deal with it
  • Intellectual property – what is it?
  • Suspension and termination – the risks
  • Acceptance and Certificates
  • Payment – the problems and issues
  • Liquidated damages/penalties – the dangers
  • Limits of liability
  • Guarantee/Warranty/Maintenance
  • Which law to apply in international contracts

Other Documents

  • Incorporating tender documents
  • Letters of Intent or Award – the dangers
  • Letters of Comfort or Awareness – what are they?
  • Bank bonds and Guarantees and associated risk issues
  • Parent Company Guarantees – are they worth it?

Writing Contracts

  • Clarity of language
  • Terms and conditions
  • Definitions
  • Translations

Negotiation and Resolution of Disputes

  • Contract negotiation techniques – what should we do?
  • Dispute Resolution clauses – what are they?
  • Compromise and settlement
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration – what is it?
  • New methods of resolving disputes
    • Mediation – would you use it?
    • Early Neutral Evaluation

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